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There have been many ups and downs of the economy for the past year. The Monetary market is the most important and most visible symbol of the economic situation of the country was encountered with many challenges and problems. Liberalization of deposit rates, a surge in foreign currencies, especially the dollar and a sharp increase the price of gold coins and uncontrollable increase in liquidity and more important than the others, especially in the sphere of the intensification of economic sanctions on the Bank are the factors affecting monetary markets in the past year. Also from the global economy survived the unstable days of high volatility in global markets resulting in many domestic markets and consequently Iran. The Imposed sanctions on Iran's economy were extremely high and the slopes of the Central Bank of Iran and Iranian commercial banks were included last year. At the same time of Iran's negotiation with the 5 +1 group countries during this year, increasing pressure from sanctions had been enhanced. Reduced oil export and increase mutually beneficial exchanges, caused to reduce the amount of F.X resources and the resulting of fluctuation in currency exchange rates and Failure to provide the needs of the F.X in country are the consequences of the sanctions imposed against the country.

Prioritize the allocation of goods in order to make room for F.X by the central bank has some measures in this regard. Despite all the internal and external pressures, Association of private banks under guidance of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran who led the propounded economical matter have paved the path of as well as additional efforts that managers and employees of the Bank in 1391 showed that the ladder and progress toward perfection and independence through the development of Islamic Iran.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS hopes in the coming year as the year before, despite limited and problems are located in the Mission and with three-year development plan for the first year of its implementation was conducted in 1392 among the banks as a pattern. With Best Regards, THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

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